In Memoriam

We remember those members of ACT UP/NY who died of AIDS, and other causes. 


Lari Shöx (Lawrence Hrynyk) (36). 


Bill McCann (25).  

Douglas Bird.  

Frank O’Dowd.  

Joe Teti.  

Max Navarre (33).  

Steven Webb (32).  


Barry Gingell (34).  

Brian Damage (Brian Allen).  

Costa Pappas.  

Frank Meore.  

George Whitmore (43).  

Griffin Gold (Paul Griffin) (33).  

John Bohne.  

Kevin Sutton (27).  

Michael Hirsch (34).  

Nathaniel Pier (37).  

Steven Petrino.  

Steve Zabel (40).  

William Olander (38).  


Clarke Taylor (46).  

David Liebhart (39).  

Keith Haring (31).  

Kevin Smith (36).  

Murray Levy.  

Oliver Johnston (38).  

Ortiz Alderson (38).  

Ray Navarro (26).  

Vito Russo (44).  


Adrian Lee Kellard (32).  

Alan Robinson. 

Allen Barnett (36).  

Anthony Ledesma.  

Daniel J. H. Connor (33).  

David Lopez (29).  

David Stern (43).  

Dennis Kane (37).  

George Ashley (66).  

Iris De La Cruz (37).  

James Revson (38).  

Jay Lipner (46).  

Jeff Gates.  

Jerry Jontz (36).  

Lee Arsenault (44).  

Mark Fotopoulos (36).  

Phil Zwickler (36).  

Rick Damiata (42).  

Rodger Pettyjohn (38).  

Tim Powers (33).  


Alan Contini.  

Charles Barber (35).  

Charles Reynolds.  

Cliff Kali Goodman.  

David Serko (32).  

David Wojnarowicz (37).  

Don Ruddy (38).  

Jake Corbin (John Avino) (29).  

John Stumpf.  

John Henry Wagenhauser (36).  

Katrina Haslip (33).  

Luis Salazar (27).  

Mark Lowe Fisher (39).  

Marty Robinson (49).  

Rich Korotchen.   

Scott Slutsky (37).  

Tom Cunningham (32).  

Vince Satmary. 


Jim Lewis.  

Bob Rafsky (47).  

Carl Sigmon (66).  

Carmen Royster (37).  

Chris DeBlasio (34).  

David E. Kirschenbaum (30).  

Jon Greenberg (37).  

Michael Callen (38).  

Robert Garcia (31).  

Tim Bailey (35).  


Aldyn (John Baldwin) McKean (45).  

Casper Schmidt.  

Clint Wilding Smith (40).  

David Feinberg (37).  

David Roche.  

Gary Clare (32).  

Jay Funk (35).  

Jim Serafini.  

Joe Franco. 

Lydia Awadallah.  

Mark Carson (40).  

Michael Morrissey.  

Patrick Dean Smith. 

Richard Hoffman.  

Robert Massa (36).  

Robert Rygor (40).  

Steve Spier (35).  


Andy Valentin (29).  

Bradley Ball (34).  

David Bolen (31).  

John Cook (33).  

Kiki Mason (36).  

Larry Gutenberg. (46).  

Lee Schy (35).  

Rex Wassermann (55).  

Robert Farber (47).  

Steve Brown. 

Todd Moore.  

Tony Malliaris (35).  

Yolanda Serrano (45).  


Billy Heekin (36).  

Brian Weil (41).  

David Petersen (54).  

George Catravas (48).  

Howard Pope (35).  

Hugh Steers (32).  

Jason Worth (45).  

Mark Simpson.  

Michael Slocum (39).  

Rand Snyder.  


Tony Seibert (36).  

Wayne Fischer (39).   


Rod Sorge. (30).  

Steve Michael.  

William Wilson (51).  


Stephen Gendin (44).  

Steve Petoniak (46).  


Robert S. Jones (47). 


Evan Ruderman (44).  

Sarah Pettit (36).  


Keith Cylar (45).  

Rick Mount (55).  


Brenda Howard (58).  

Tim R. Powers (41).  


Juan Mendez (41).  


Eric Schweitzer (63).  

Jim Lyons (46).  

John Gilbert (41).  


Sydney Porkorny (42).  


Robert Hilferty (49).  

Rodger McFarlane (54). 


Harry Weider (57).  


Herb Spiers (65).  


Richard Krulikowski (61).  

Dates Unknown: 

David Samuels.  

Douglas Bird.  

Jeff Wolfson.  

Joy DiVincenzo.  

Kathy DeLeon.  

Ray Moore.

Willie Rodriguez. 

The following members of ACT UP/NY died after the list was originally published:

Spencer Cox

Kayeton J. Kurowski

Added by the ACT UP/NY Alumni Event Planning Committee.

The following was submitted by Debra Levine:

The list was created by ACT UP / NY member Debra Levine.  It was first published in May 2012, in the conclusion and appendix of her NYU doctoral dissertation, Demonstrating ACT UP: The Ethics, Politics, and Performances of Affinity.  My inspiration for its creation was the ACT UP tradition of naming names — I remember that at our meetings, we always did our best to publicly name all who had participated in our actions. I wanted to continue that tradition. I began this list by using the names of ACT UP members I knew who had died, and names I collected during my years of research.  Ron Goldberg was especially generous and provided me with the extensive personal list he had carefully compiled.

Before finishing my dissertation, I posted a query to gather more names on the ACT UP / NY Alumni Facebook thread in January of 2012.  Throughout that winter and spring, many of you, the former and current members of ACT UP, participated in that discussion.  The thread ran to over 700 posts, and it contained amazing testimonies to those who had died. This list is the result of all those efforts. I assembled it with additional research assistance by Garance Franke-Ruta and Andrew Miller.  I will update it for the book on ACT UP I am writing, but as it stands now, only the names submitted to me before May 2012 are included here.  Many of you have submitted names afterward, and there have been several deaths of ACT UP Alumni members since this list has been published.  I have kept those names, and I intend to document those deaths and add them to this list.. Please submit the names of other ACT UP New York members you would like included on this list to the ACT UP NY Alumni website, and to me, [email protected]

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