Gay City News — 6/26/2013


"AIDS Vets REACT UP, Warn the Battle Not Over," by Gerard Flynn

In many ways, the issues are still the same,” mused Andrew Velez, one of the founding members of ACT UP, at a reunion bash held at 49 Grove in the West Village on June 22, more than 26 years after the activist group was launched.

Towleroad — 6/25/2013



NY Mag's Tim Murphy posted a slideshow of an ACT UP NY reunion which was held over the weekend at 49 Grove, in the West Village.

Writes Murphy:

But when one of the veterans, Jim Eigo, took the mike and started the old chant, "Act up, fight back, fight AIDS!" …

New York  Magazine — 06/25/2013


"Where Are They Now?: ACT UP AIDS Activists 25 Years Later," by Tim Murphy

Saturday night at the West Village's 49 Grove, the venerable AIDS activist group ACT UP NY, which pulled off spectacularly bold

The Petrelis Files — 6/22/2013

"ACT UP Reunion in SF: Report + Pix," by Michael Petrelis

An estimated fifteen veterans and allies of various ACT UP chapters gathered at San Francisco's LGBT Community Center late this afternoon for a two-hour plus reunion.

Huffington Post Gay Voices — 6/21/2013

"ACT UP Members Reunite, Without the Anger -- At Least for No," by Kathleen Kiley

Twenty-five years ago, when ACT UP began fighting for better health care and drugs to halt the virus decimating the gay community, I was studying journalism at New York University. …

The Petrelis Files — 6/19/2013

"ACT UP Reunion at SF Gay Center on June 22: Open to All," by Michael Petrelis

Soon after I blogged about an ACT UP reunion in New York City on Saturday, June 22, my dear old friend from the dark times of the plague years back East, Dean Ouellette, emailed me to say he would help organize a simultaneous gathering of the ACT UP tribe here in San Francisco. …

FriendGrief Blog — 6/18/2013

"ACT UP/NY’s Non-Reunion Reunion," by Victoria Noe

Few things get your attention like hearing the news a friend has died. For many of the original members of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), the death of Spencer Cox was just such a wake-up call.

EDGE — 6/15/2013


"ACT UP Reunites To Celebrate History," by Winnie McCroy

June 22, twenty-six years after the founding of AIDS activist group ACT UP, current and former members will come together to celebrate achievements, remember lost friends and plan the future. …

The Petrelis Files — 6/9/2013

"ACT UP/NYC Reunion Gathering on June 22" by Michael Petrelis

From New York City my old friend Bill Dobbs informs me with this email about an important event in a few weeks that should be of interest to AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power veterans everywhere:

Joe.My.God. — 6/5/2013

"June 22nd: ACT UP Reunion In NYC" by Joe Jervis

The alumni of ACT UP New York will hold a reunion on June 22nd from 6:30PM to 11PM. 


Gay City News — 6/5/2013

Gay City News — 6/5/2013

"Acknowledging the Grief AIDS Still Holds" by Paul Schindler

For Alan Klein, a breaking point of sorts came last December with the death of longtime AIDS activist Spencer Cox due to complications related to the virus. …

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